Perseus Severing the Head of Medusa

Perseus Severing the Head of Medusa, oil on canvas, 20" x 26", 2012.

Process Stages

Observational Study: Roman Bust

Roman Bust Study, charcoal on toned paper, 9" x 12", 2012.

Observational Study: Callipygian Venus

Callipygian Venus Study, charcoal on toned paper, 8.5" x 12", 2012.

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Preliminary Designs for Cover Spread

Skullclops Throne Room

Skullclops Throne Room, digital, 2012.

Process Stages

Harley Quinn Doodle

Harley Quinn, digital, 2012.

Lord Phidippus

Lord Phidippus, digital, 2012.

Process Stages

Perseus Underpainting

Underpainting for an oil canvas based on a 2010 drawing of Perseus slaying Medusa.
Original drawing can be found here


Lilith, graphite on paper, 8.5" x 11", 2012.

Fuseli Homage

Fuseli Homage: The Nightmare, digital, 2012.

Process Stages


acrylic on paper, 2012.

Skullclops Redux

The Skullclops
, digital, 2012.

Process Stages

Teahupoo 2

This image was featured at -237 in an article about the 2011 Billabong Pro Tahiti surf event at Teahupoo. The article can be found at

, oil on canvas, 50" x 24", 2011.

Mind Melters from Mars

Mind Melters from Mars
, digital, 2012.

Process Stages

Macworld | iWorld 2012 Poster

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